In this private Kindergarten Class, which is RIDE approved your child will learn in a small setting while also learning all the education he or she needs to succeed in the public school for the following year.  Not only do you receive the education but the family environment from our staff.

This class will learn common core from our trained and educated teachers plus the widely known Fundation’s by Wilson for Literacy that is used in the public schools.  They also experience Science and History weekly.  Our class has the opportunity to learn Yoga weekly as well as Spanish. 

This class is not only meant for students and parents that feel they would like the private Kindergarten experience but also for students who miss the cut off.  If your child’s birthday is past September 1st please consider our program as they will not be just getting a fabulous education, they will also be able to go to First grade if they meet all the Common Core requirements by the end of the school year.

Our program is open throughout the holiday breaks and we are open from 6:45-6 Monday through Friday.  Your before and afterschool care has already been handled while you are receiving that great educational piece.